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We have all suffered from a pesky cold – particularly this time of year when the temperature drops.  What a nuisance going into the holiday social season! Everyone seems to have a go-to cold remedy; it might be Mom’s chicken noodle soup, oil of oregano, or a chemical cocktail of vitamins and medications. Before heading to the drugstore we highly recommend trying some of the tried, tested, and true natural cold remedies.  We have found two different homemade cold remedy recipes – both hot and spicy but very different. These easy recipes can be made even by the foggiest of cold-ridden sleepwalkers. + Read more

Organic Carrots

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We love carrots. Sweet, crunchy, delicious, organic carrots. While they can grow in almost all seasons, right now is prime-time for carrots and you’re likely to find bright colourful stacks of them at your local farmer’s market. If you’re like us, you’ve stocked up and have a bag or two in your refrigerator. Carrots are ideal because this versatile vegetable can last for weeks, and get be added to both sweet and savoury dishes, like soups, salads, coleslaws, juices, roasted carrots, carrot puree, carrot cake, pickled carrots, mini carrots,  …Ok, we might be starting to sound a little like Bubba Blue from Forest Gump – but you get the point. You can throw carrots into anything! + Read more

pickling vegetables


What sound is better than the satisfying crunch of a crisp and cold pickle? Pickles are a refreshing snack alone, or a tangy addition to a variety of dishes from burgers, to salads, to cocktails. Pickling is most often associated with cucumbers – but don’t be fooled! Pickling should not be limited to cucumbers. You can pickle almost any vegetable – technically any vegetable that you preserve using a brine is a “pickle.”  And what better way to extend your produce season? We have a great recipe and some important tips  to get you started with pickling vegetables. + Read more