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Once upon a time in a beautiful resort town nestled between gleaming glaciers, there was a festival. Now, this was not just any festival, but a festival of the grandest kind…

The annual Cornucopia food + drink festival in Whistler, BC is a highlight on the local culinary calendar year after year.  Chances are, if you haven’t attended a Cornucopia event then you have likely heard of one.  This festival, notorious for its abundance of wine and extravagant parties, also celebrates the best of food and drink from Canada’s local restaurants, chefs, producers, breweries, distilleries and wineries.

Recently, both the seasoned gourmet and the beginner foodie alike, are hungry for local and sustainable fare. A growing number of consumers are becoming concerned with sustainable farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, communities, and resources. Cornucopia has responded to this demand and introduced the Nourish Series. + Read more

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It’s almost Halloween! If you are like us, you may be surprised to discover that Halloween also shares October 31st with National Caramel Apple Day.  What a delightful way to combine apple season with this fun holiday. Typically filled with artificial sweets and near-plastic treats, Halloween tends to get a bad wrap with parents.  Making homemade Gourmet Caramel Apples can be a healthy alternative to store bought candy and decorating your caramel apples can be an activity to enjoy with the kids!

We have found a simple recipe for Gourmet Caramel Apples; which is yet another fantastic way to enjoy your organic local apples. + Read more

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“The secret to transforming easy dishes into extraordinary meals? Fresh herbs.”
– The Herbal Kitchen

Fresh herbs are a natural way to pack a lot of punch and take your culinary creations to the next level.  Growing herbs indoors is perfect for this cool rainy season and something that everyone can do. It is an affordable and sustainable way to add fresh organic elements to your recipes. There are very few requirements to start your first fresh herb garden. We have outlined a few things to consider when growing herbs indoors. + Read more