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Granville Island Public Market- A Mecca for Local Producers


Granville Island Public Market is a mecca for local producers. Celebrating it’s 20th birthday this year, Granville Island Public Market continues to be a popular destination for both locals and tourists, and provides a convenient hub to expedite the farm to table process.

Granville Island is located in the heart of Vancouver, and is a local landmark that exemplifies the importance of supporting local producers. Despite the fact that the food system in Vancouver is becoming increasingly dependant on imported food, which has lead to the local decrease in farm land and places food security at risk, Granville Island Market enables Vancouverites to make sensible food purchases. Given that conventional food is estimated to typically travel between 1,500 and 3,000 miles to reach the consumer and usually requires additional packaging and refrigeration, the health and environmental benefits of supporting local producers is undeniable. + Read more

Vancouver Food Strategy


Do you notice anything different about Vancouver’s food scene lately? One of the world’s most livable cities is catching on to the local food movement in a big way. Learn what the City of Vancouver is up to and how you can get involved.

The Vancouver Food Strategy – an exciting program about what feeds us – was developed in 2013 by the City of Vancouver. The Vancouver local food movement pertains to all that drives social, environmental, economic, and health goals. Vancouverites care about what feeds us and have expressed vocally that they have valued local and sustainable food sources for years. The city has finally followed suit and has recognized the need for a comprehensive food strategy.

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Dine Out Vancouver

Community Restaurants

Vancouver’s most anticipated culinary festival, ‘Dine Out Vancouver’, celebrates 13 years this year, with a program that boasts a record 277 restaurants, 25 hotels, and over 70 gastronomic events spanning a period of 17 days.

As Canada’s largest food and drink festival, ‘Dine-Out’ offers the perfect opportunity to explore Vancouver’s ever-evolving culinary culture. The festival provides food-enthusiasts with a selection of over 250 restaurants— each offering unique three (or more) course prix-fixe meals at $18, $28 or $38 per person.

While ‘Dine Out’ is generally revered for its emphasis on highlighting the best culinary experiences of the city, this year, the festival has gone a step above to include dozens of hotels in their program, with the hopes of welcoming foodies from near and far. Incentivizing the experience with special room rates during the festival, the hospitality of these hotels will help to entice both the gourmet and the budget-conscious diner to explore the culinary treasures that Vancouver has to offer. + Read more