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Granville Island Market


Vancouver’s gardening and local food community is buzzing with the recent news of the renowned Granville Island Market seeking a new Project Manager. In the context of Vancouver as a city at the forefront of sustainable and local food culture, this news is especially exciting for the possibilities that a long-term revitalization and expansion plan could bring. Granville Island is known as a hub for local artisans to showcase their products, and has become a heritage piece in Vancouver’s culture. Seeing close to 10 million tourists annually, the market, which is rich in cultural history, has remained unchanged for over 35 years. This fact, along with the city’s booming foodie culture, is the perfect recipe for excitement amongst the ever-progressive Vancouverites. + Read more

Cocktail Garden

Gardening Recipes

Patio season is on the rise, and the perfect accompaniment for the beautiful weather is a refreshing cocktail made from organic ingredients straight from your very own cocktail garden. From minty Mojitos to fragrant speakeasy classics, you can grow ingredients for the perfect botanical cocktail right in your backyard, patio or windowsill! Alcohol and liquors are derived from plant sources, so naturally, the most complimentary ingredients to really accentuate flavour profiles are– well–plants! April in BC is the season for mint, sage, and thyme, all of which are great herbs to incorporate in your cocktails in a bevy of ways; whether muddling, infusing or garnishing, these flavourful, fresh and fragrant ingredients are a mixologist’s dream. + Read more

Steps for starting your spring gardening 2015


It’s finally here! Say goodbye to your gardening woes, we’ve emerged from the depths of the winter months and blossomed into spring. With the new season comes the need for planning and preparation to ensure a flourishing spring garden, and there are a few simple steps to stay ahead of the game and ready for the bloom! + Read more