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If there’s one thing we love more than chocolate around the holidays, it’s chocolate that contains locally sourced ingredients! Chocohappy is a chocolate general store owned by Pemberton-based chocolatier, Amanda Sandahl. What’s special about her chocolate is that each one is wrapped with care the way you would have bought them years ago at the general store, and all of the sweets are handcrafted using only the finest, natural ingredients like Belgian Chocolate, freshly roasted nuts, and Okanagan local lavender.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Amanda to try her to-die-for chocolates, and pick her brain about her company between mouthfuls of decadent confections.

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Winter Pears

Gardening Recipes

In the winter, fruit supply is limited, and while apples tend to be the first fruit that comes to mind, have you considered substituting them for winter pears? Pears are in their peak season from late fall and through winter, and are an excellent source of fibre and a good source of Vitamin C for only 100 calories per serving.

A little known fact about the pear is that it is one of the few fruits that do not ripen on the tree. Both fall and winter pears still look “green” at the time they are ready to pick.  If you wait to pick your pears until they look ripe, with yellow skin colour, they will be soft and soon rot in storage. In addition, since most pears ripen from the inside out, if left on the tree to ripen, many varieties will brown at the core — in other words, they are overripe in the middle. As you can imagine, pear harvest timing can be delicate. + Read more

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Unless you’re living on a farm, having the resources to live completely sustainably within your household can be tricky. So whom do you turn to when your garden doesn’t provide you with everything you need? In a recent newsletter, we discussed the importance of supporting local producers and visiting local farmers markets. There are many great markets in BC that thrive in both the summer and winter months and they are spearheaded by and organization called Vancouver Farmers Markets (otherwise known as Your Local Farmers Market Society). This society produces weekly Markets to create healthy food networks that sustain our land, our community, and our homes – and is organized for people who love fresh food at festive gatherings. + Read more