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rosemary sea salt and vinegar beet chips


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as pulling a beet’s roots from the soil in your garden, and then serving it as an afternoon snack. ’Running To The Kitchen‘ makes it possible with these awesome rosemary sea salt and vinegar beet chips, which are a fun, crunchy and healthier alternative to boring ol’ potato chips!

If you don’t have beets or rosemary growing in your garden at the moment, you’ll be able to find them at your local farmer’s market. You’re probably tired of us saying, but local and in season ingredients, like beets and rosemary are now, are often cheaper, higher in nutrients, and better for the environment as they’ve travelled a shorter distance to get into your grocery bag.

So go on. These beet chips will live up to every salty expectation you have, and are a great way to keep the calories down low while the satisfaction high.  + Read more

DIY Garden Markers 5

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One of our favourite things about gardening is that you can get creative in a number of ways, like making your own upcycled planter boxes or DIY garden markers!

Now that your vegetables and herbs are popping up all over the garden, it’s time to tell which plants are which by putting your DIY garden markers in place. Markers can be made out of virtually anything: clay pots, wine bottles, spoons, corks, rocks and more! Here is some inspiration to help you get started. + Read more

Mason Jar Summer Breakfast 3


The summertime is jam packed with activities, events, and rushing from one BBQ to another trying to squeeze in every last drop of sunlight. With all this running around, those healthy, thought out meals tend to become few and far between.

It’s often been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why we were very excited to come across this nutritious mason jar summer breakfast porridge by The Yummy Life.

These are super easy, no cook breakfasts that can be made ahead of time with fresh, local berries, so you can just grab and go in the morning. + Read more