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Local Producers Loans Program


The name Whole Foods has become synonymous with all things natural, and in a ground-breaking and innovative effort to support local artisans, the mega-market has allocated 25 Million dollars towards their Local Producer Loan Program. Inducted in 2006, the program was developed to support local and independent farmers and artisans who needed a helping hand to fulfill their dreams. Now, 9 years later, the organization has committed to expanding the branches of the giving tree to allot a whopping 25 million dollars to farmers and artisans across North America. + Read more

Benton Brother’s Cheese Available at Granville Island Market

Community Recipes

Granville Island Market is home to a bevy of local purveyors, all specializing in a variety of culinary delights. One such company is Benton Brothers Fine Cheese, who provide Vancouverites with small-batch, hand crafted, artisanal cheeses. The Benton Brothers name has become synonymous with good cheese, and they’re Granville Island location carries a wide variety of all types, from gooey bries to stinky bleus–they’ve got it all.

One of their most popular B.C. Bries is from Vancouver Island cheesemakers Little Qualicum Cheeseworks. Produced in Mt. Arrowsmith in an optimal cheese making climate, these dairy delights are local, artisanal and produced with sustainable, eco-friendly methods. The folks at Little Qualicum emphasize the importance of reducing the collective carbon footprint, and are doing their part in their cheesemaking process. + Read more

Abbotsford Farm & Country Market


Spring is just around the corner, and with sunny days in the forecast, the Abbotsford Farm & Country Market is in bloom! Farmer’s Markets are not only a fun activity for all ages, they are also a hub for local artisans to showcase their goods, and a forum for consumers to interact with vendors of fresh, local fare. They’re really a win-win for all parties involved, and this week we want to highlight the Abbotsford Farm & Country Market, which is held bi-weekly on Saturday’s through April, whereafter it becomes a weekly event.

Established in 2003, the Abbotsford Farm & Country Market was created in the spirit of supporting local agriculture, economy, and environment, with the majority of their juried vendors being Abbotsford natives, and those vendors’ agri-businesses accounting for 20% of the city’s jobs. The Market is a major component of Abbotsford’s Agricultural ecosystem; by offering locals a chance to buy fresh food locally, packaging, shipping and processing is reduced, thereby creating a more sustainable environment for food production and distribution. Another aspect contributing to the holistic nature of the market is the fact that they have a resident nutritionist offering advice and guidance to locals. + Read more