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Two Rivers Specialty Meats


It should come as no surprise that highlighting businesses who are committed to ethical treatment of animals and sustainability is a mandate of ours, and this month we want to feature a company that does just that. Two Rivers Specialty Meats is a North Vancouver based purveyor of B.C. local meats that are free of antibiotics, hormones, and chemical feed additives. Their passion is rooted in the desire to encourage chefs, retailers, restaurants and consumers alike, to understand the importance of using naturally raised, ethically prepared products.  + Read more

Salad Rolls


These Yam & Kale Salad Rolls with Miso Dipping Sauce will help with the drag of the winter and the lack of motivation in the kitchen – the late winter blahs. We’re all feeling it too! The foods that felt robust and nourishing in November are now tired–they seem heavy and routine. Here, we have a salad rolls recipe that we hope will bring you new inspiration and that dose of freshness you crave.

Here in Vancouver, the thermometer may briefly toy with warmer temperatures, but the garden’s spring bounty is still many weeks away. By exploring new recipes, cooking styles, and using what you have to get crafty in the kitchen, you can bring some of that warm weather freshness into your meals, while still using seasonal ingredients.

We came across this salad rolls recipe from The Bounty Hunter while probing the internet for any sort of life in the form of an inspiring late winter recipe. The flavour profile of this recipe appeals to us as it nicely balances the sweetness of the yams, the bite of the pickled ginger, and the freshness of the kale and cilantro. Making salad rolls can be a fun group activity, so collect your ingredients and invite your friends – it’s time to get rolling! + Read more

The Acorn: Vancouver’s Vegetarian Gem


Image Source: Vancouver Vegan

Since opening in 2012, Acorn has been a hot spot for Vancouver foodies and veggie-lovers alike! If you have not been to this Main Street gem yet, we will let you in on what you’ve been missing!

We visited Acorn in a group of four – both Acorn veterans and virgins. As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted promptly and were elated to hear we miraculously managed to avoid the wait-list – which is a common occurrence at this popular establishment. We instantly felt welcomed by the staff and the chic décor of clean white walls, warm wood accents, complemented by tropical looking greenery. + Read more