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A region gifted with mountain streams, rich soil, fresh lakes and warm summer sun, BC is a mecca for succulent, sweet apples that are grown 9 months of the year. According to BC Tree Fruits, “The tree fruit industry in British Columbia’s interior represents more than 800 growers operating orchards that generate $130 million in revenue, contribute $900 million in economic activity and directly employ 1,500 people.”

Local apples are in season nearly year round, and there are many different kinds available. Growing apples is quite the art and in fact, there’s also an art to eating the apples! Buy Local. Eat Natural. host, Erin Ireland visited a local farmer in Summerland to explore the brilliance of apples! Take a look:

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When eating an apple, choosing local and organic is always best, especially since we live in what we like to call ‘the apple-capital of the world’! In addition to economical and sustainability reasons for buying local, apples from large producers are often heavily pesticide-contaminated. They’re sprayed with so many chemicals that you can actually feel it on its abnormally perfect skin. Buying from local farmers minimizes pesticide consumption, which is better for your health.

There are tons of nutritional benefits to eating apples – after all, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Here’s a breakdown of nutritional benefits of apples and what you’re doing for your body every time you bite into that scrumptious fruit!


There are so many ways to get your apple intake – from breakfast to dessert! Here are some ideas on how you can use your apples along with great recipes by those who know best!



-baked apple french toast, apple pancakes, fresh apple slices

Recipe for APPLE PANCAKES by Erin Ireland of To Die For – @ErinIreland

apple pancakes



-Apple & cheese canapés, apple salad

Recipe for APPLES AND CHEESE CANAPES by The Realistic Nutritionist – @realnutritioncg




-Roast pork with apples, apple burgers, honey glazed duck with apples

Recipe for PORK WITH APPLES by Eat, Live, Run – @EatLiveRun 

pork and apples



-Apple pie, crumble, cake, tart, candy apple

Recipe for HOMEMADE APPLE PIE by Comfortably Domestic – @ComfortDomestic

apples pie



-Apple cider, apple juice, apple jam, apple puree, applesauce

Recipe for APPLE SAUCE by BC Tree Fruits – @BCTreeFruits

apple sauce

Creative Apple Applications:


-Apple chips, dehydrated apple slices

Recipe for APPLE CHIPS by A Couple Cooks – @aCoupleCooks

apples chips


We encourage you to think of creative ways to use your apples this season and if you come up with anything great, please share!

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