Taves Family Farms


When John Taves purchased a modest plot of land in Abbotsford in the 1930s, he couldn’t have known the generational impact he would have on both his family and his greater community. Three generations later, grandson Loren Taves and his wife and children continue the family tradition with Taves Family Farms, one of the leading and most prosperous farms in the lower mainland. + Read more

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There’s something magical about the first springtime farmers market as the days are getting longer and and the sun is getting warmer. Strolling through the market and chatting with the local farmers makes us all feel much more connected to our food and our communities.

Well thank goodness the time has come again! Store away those Sorels because summer is well on its way and the markets are ramping up. For all our Okanagan readers, here’s a list of the most popular farmers markets near you. Eat local!

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