Established in 2010, My Garden Footprint is an online community focused on the local and sustainable food movement occurring in British Columbia, Canada. We aim to teach our readers about the benefits of becoming a sustainable consumer within our society. Our blog is home to a wealth of information to help you begin your gardening journey. Starting with a seed and later eating its fruit is an event that takes time, energy, and practice. My Garden Footprint is your information source from soil to table as we teach you the process of growing, harvesting, and eating from your very own backyard.

Please take the time to contribute to our “My Community Garden” section. We are always thrilled to hear from our readers regarding gardening tips, local restaurants, farmers, recipes and local community gardens. Furthermore, if you find our information useful, feel free to sign up for our monthly newsletter, absolutely FREE.

My Garden Footprint would like to thank all the people who have helped us along the way. Our journey is ever evolving but without the key personnel who have helped us, non of what you see today would be possible. Thank you to everyone who has helped develop My Garden Footprint from concept to reality.

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