Mellifera Bees


As spring is well on it’s way, our minds have already clouded over with planting and gardening plans and we can’t help but focus this week on the precious pollinators that are pivotal for our plant’s growth process: bees.

As mentioned in our post earlier this week, Bees Bees Bees!, these fuzzy, buzzing insects are at the root of our food source. In tribute to the bees, our recipe inspiration for this week uses Mellifera Bees, a product we’ve featured before not only because it’s the best honey around, but because of their sustainable and local efforts.

Mellifera Bees products are unprocessed, and harvested naturally from beehives in the backyards of people across the Lower Mainland. Every ingredient used in these honey infusions are locally sourced, fresh, certified organic and Fair Trade.

Not only are Mellifera Bees products great in recipes, but they also make for great gifts!

The honeys come in three different infusions; Vanilla Bean, Lemon and Cardamom. Here are a few different ways you can use Mellifera Bees honey:

Mellifera Bees Pairings


Mancheego or Brie with Pears

Mellifera Bees

Pears are still in season in B.C., and Mellifera Bees pairs wonderfully with a slice of Brie cheese and pears. Spread on top of B.C. local, Leslie Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps and drizzled with honey, you’ve got yourself a wonderful snack!


Wine Time!

Mellifera Bees

Salt Tasting Room held and evening of honey tasting on a warm July evening, and paired Mellifera Bees honey perfectly with three wines and charcuterie.

Pairing A
Mellifera Lemon infused honey
sip Baillie-Grohman, Pinot Gris 2011
nibble Toma Cheese

Pairing B
Mellifera Vanilla Infused honey
sip Cedar Creek, Chardonnay 2009
nibble on Aged Mahon cheese

Pairing C
Mellifera Cardamom Infused honey
sip Koyle, Carmenere 2009
nibble on thinly sliced Coppa di Zibello



Hot Water with Lemon

Mellifera Bees

You may be thinking, who features a recipe on hot water? Well, we are – and it’s because not only is hot water, lemon and honey the perfect remedy for sore throats and colds, but it’s also a soothing way to start the day! Hot water with lemon and honey helps kickstart your digestion in the morning, is immune boosting, energizing, and helps balances your pH levels as well.


Grilled Chicken

Mellifera Bees

Through the alchemy of sweet and sour, Mellifera Bees has produced the perfect remedy to grilled chicken or salmon! Here’s a great grilled chick recipe by oh, sweet basil, that would work beautifully with Mellifera Bees honey.


Tea or Coffee

Mellifera Bees

Like your morning java or tea sweetened? Instead of using processed or refined sugars, Mellifera Bees honey is a natural sweeter straight from B.C.’s own backyard. Infused with different flavours, this honey can bring your morning pick-me-up to a whole new level!


Thank you Mellifera Bees for sustaining the bees and providing people with your delicious honey!

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