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Prime gardening season is quickly spreading across British Columbia as snow piles are finally melting away and the days are finally getting longer (we no longer have to commute both to and from work in the dark!) If you’re a ‘green’ gardener, you may be tempted to head to your back yard and start digging up that perfectly manicured lawn – after all, you’ve seen “Eat Your Yard” propaganda trending online all winter. However, you may not want to take this advice so literally. Instead of eating your yard, consider eating on top of your yard instead: building raised garden beds have far more benefits than you’d probably ever guess. Here are a few of them. + Read more

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Eating local and organic food has become much more than a fad – it has become a movement. And one that is changing the way we live in a more significant way than any other food movement in recent history. It’s bringing us back to our roots, and making our communities and the world a much healthier place. Finally big food brands must compete with the smaller guys as people are taking an interest in how their food is produced and who is producing it. + Read more

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Any true Vancouverite knows the paradoxical reason why recommending a great local restaurant is a very challenging feat: there’s simply too many to choose from (a good problem to have for a city of self-professed foodies). The Vancouver restaurant scene is all-satisfying to the gastronomically-obssessed urbanites, but given the incredible culinary talent and ever-changing “it” neighbourhoods, successfully launching a new restaurant is no easy feat either. + Read more